Driver's Safety

Proof of Insurance for State Vehicles (2017-2018)

Policy and Associated Forms  (Only use these forms.)    

   REQUIRED DOCUMENTS:  DA-2054, Training Certificate, and Official Driving Record--submitted to EHS.

**Please note that this list is constantly changing due to annual driver authorization processing.**

    ****Please be sure to check your status before you drive on University Business.****

AUTHORIZED DRIVER'S: July 3, 2018 Update

If you are not on this list you are UNAUTHORIZED.

The list is forwarded to the Travel Office and Motor Pool Office for daily use.

 Driver's Safety Policy (updating)

DA-2054 Form       DA-2054 Instructions            


  **NOTE:  Taking the defensive driving course only, does not qualify you to drive. There are several other requirements.**

 REQUIRED DOCUMENTS:  DA-2054, Training Certificate, and Official Driving Record--submitted to EHS. 

When does my course expire?

Employees (Full Time with "p" Personnel Number).

Verify and print your Training Transcript

Employees (Student Workers, Graduate Assistants, Wages)


Defensive Driver Training (online)

Please turn in the Defensive Driving Certificate, and the Driver Authorization Form at the same time.  If you have out-of-state driving records, please attach those to the other 2 documents and return all informaton at the same time. This will be a tremendous help when processing driver authorizations.



How to become an authorized driver?

Out-of-State License Information


If an employee becomes an unauthorized driver, there is a list published on this site at least quarterly.  When the unauthorization is due to being a high risk driver, the employee and their supervisor will be notified via e-mail. The Motor Pool Office and the Travel Office will also be notified.  Unauthorized Driver's are not allowed to drive on University Business.




 Reporting and Investigations

Vehicle accidents must be reported immediately and investigated in a timely manner using ORM Form DA2041. Copies of this form may be obtained from the NSU Environmental Health & Safety Office.  Forms are also located inside each NSU vehicle.

           Insurance and Accident Documents:  

           2017-2018 Proof of Insurance       

           DA-2041-Accident Report        

           DA-2041 Instructions

Automobile claims arise when Northwestern State University (NSU) is legally liable for bodily injury or property damage caused by the use of University owned, rented or leased automobiles.

All claims for liability or physical damage to state-owned, leased or rental vehicles are to be reported to the NSU EHS Office. If a loss involves property damage estimated at $5,000 or more, or involves bodily injury, the loss is to be reported immediately by telephone to NSU EHS Office at (318) 357-4424.

A State of Louisiana Driver Safety Program Accident Form (DA 2041) and Workers’ Compensation Injury Report Form(DA-2000) must be submitted within 24 hours of an auto accident even if there is no damage to the vehicle or employee.

DEDUCTIBLE:  The deductible for auto collision and comprehensive claims is $1,000. All departments are responsible for the $1,000 deductible per accident, for collision and comprehensive coverage.

DRUG SCREEN: Post-Accident/Incident:  Any employee directly involved in an on-duty accident or incident, and whose action or inaction may have been a causative factor of same, shall be required to immediately submit to drug and alcohol testing if:           

a)      Reasonable Suspicion:  Circumstances give rise to a reasonable suspicion of the employee’s drug or alcohol use or impairment; or

b)      Fatality:  The accident or incident resulted in a fatality; or

c)       Hazardous Materials Release:  The accident or incident resulted in or caused the release of hazardous waste as defined in LA R.S. 30:2173(2) or hazardous materials as defined in LA R.S. 32:1502(5).


Phone Numbers:

               University Police        318-357-5431

               EHS Office               318-357-4424










Unauthorized Drivers