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Experiential Learning/Professional Internship: 

Professional internship is defined as the internship or experiential training activities for students seeking professional degrees. 

Student Experiential Learning Inusrance provides coverage for students participating in approved Professional Internship Programs or Experiential Programs.    Examples:  Accidental property damage, and accidental injuries to others while in the program setting.

Medical Malpractice Coverage will cover students will providing medically related services. Example:  Wrong medication or dosage is accidently given to patient.

Needlesticks are not covered under either policy, and the student's personal health insurance would have to cover any expenses related those type accidents. 


College of Nursing and School of Allied Health Administrative Communication/Occurrence Form                          

                          Instructions for form

Occurrence Form for Experiential Learing--All except CONAH



---> Used by EHS Only --> Experiential Learing Incident Form       Instructions