Employee Accident Information is distributed with every safety meeting.  All information and forms are distributed with safety meeteing information.

     Employee Accidents -- Report all accidents to University Police at 318-357-5431

         Employee Accident Report                 Student & Visitor Accident Report


2015-3rd Quarter (July, August, September)

       Safety Forms ( Safety Meeting, Hazard Control Log, Safety Inspection)

         Safety Meeting Memo


2015-4th Quarter (October, November, December)

     Safety Forms

         Safety Meeting Memo


2016-1st Quarter (January, February, March)

         Safety Meeting Sign-In Sheet            Safety Meeting Memo 

            Employee Accident Reporting       Accident Report         Instructions

            Driver's Safety                        

                          How do I become an authorized Driver?

                          Policy       DA-2054    DA-2054 Instructions

                          LEO Training     Non-LEO Training     Out of State Driver's License



2016-2nd Quarter (April, May, June)

     Safety Forms                   Safety Meeting Memo

     Employee Accident Reporting       Accident Report         Instructions

     Drug Testing Policy & Post Accident Testing       Policy Receipt

       Blood Borne Pathogens

                Low Risk Employees Policy          High Risk Employees Policy

                      LEO Training           Non-LEO Training

         First Aid Policy         Hazard Communication Policy