Report all vehicle accidents to University Police at 318-357-5431-IMMEDIATELY. 

No matter the location of the accident.


                            No matter the location of the accident. ORM Requirement.

-Take photos of the accident scene, to provide to University Police/Motor Pool for accident records.

-Complete DA-2041 and submit to the EHS OfficeRisk Management-Insurance Claims----Immediately.

         DA-2041 Instructions

      ALL EMPLOYEE INVOLVED ACCIDENTS REQUIRE a drug screen as soon as possible after the accident, no matter if there are injuries or not.  The employee cannot drive themselves to the drug screen.  The employee may not drive on university business until a negative drug screen result is received.

      Contact EHS Office at 318-357-4424 to obtain the drug screen paperwork.

      If accidents are not reported to the EHS Office or University Police the day of the accident, a drug screen will be required on the date that the accident is reported.  No exceptions. 


           DA-2041, Accident Report-Louisiana State Driver Safety Program

                            Required to be completed and submitted within 24 hours of accident.

       DA-2041 Instructions

 University Vehicle Proof of Insurance                  2017-2018

Print these items and place in University Vehicle or rental vehicle in case of accident:

           University Proof of Vehicle Insurance

            DA-2041 & Instructions

            What to do if I have had an accident?    (Print this webpage.)

Vehicle Accident and Repair Procedures