Report all vehicle accidents to University Police at 318-357-5431-IMMEDIATELY. Report to the EHS Office at 318-663-0441 or 318-663-6080.

Report ANY accident, regardless of the location.

-Take photos of the accident scene, to provide to University Police/Motor Pool for accident records.

-Complete DA-2041 and submit to the EHS OfficeRisk Management-Insurance Claims----Immediately.

DA-2041 Instructions


Post Accident Drug Tests:  Post Accident Drug Tests are only required in the following situations:  

(1)Reasonable Suspicion; or (2)Fatality; or (3)Hazardous Materials Release, defined in LA R.S. 30:2173(2).


 DA-2041, Accident Report-Louisiana State Driver Safety Program

Required to be completed and submitted within 24 hours of accident.

DA-2041 Instructions


University Vehicle Proof of Insurance  2017-2018


Print these items and place in University Vehicle or rental vehicle in case of accident:

University Proof of Vehicle Insurance

DA-2041 & Instructions

What to do if I have had an accident?    (Print this webpage.)

Vehicle Accident and Repair Procedures