Procedures for Enrolling Operators

Upon recognizing the need for an employee to operate a state-owned/leased/hired

vessel by their supervisor, the employee shall complete the Authorization History Form

(DA 2066). The information on this form shall be used to acquire the Water Operator

Record (from the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries). The Authorization History Form

and the WOR is then submitted to the Agency head or designee who shall review the

operator record and sign the Authorization History Form. When employees are

authorized to operate water vessels, they shall be enrolled in the “BoatUS” course (or

other NASBLA-approved course) or the refresher course. A copy of the

certificate of completion shall be retained on file.

It is the responsibility of the individual Agency to retain any/all records pertaining to the

Water Vessel program (with the exception of records for the BoatUS Course) as the

Department of Wildlife and Fisheries will NOT maintain such.


ORM Water Vessel Program


Operator-Boating Incident Report

Inspection and Repair of Water Vessel