Property claims arise when damage occurs to content property or structural property that is owned by Northwestern State University (NSU). 

                Property Claim Reporting Form                     Instructions

The deductible for Property claims is $1,000 per incident.

Keep in mind that contents depreciated value will be factored into the total amount of the claim.  

In the event of a natural disaster or major loss, please contact REHS Office-Risk Management immediately to report damage.

What Information Is Needed to File a Claim

When a property loss occurs, the department is required to provide an itemized list of property that was damaged, destroyed, or stolen. 

Estimates for repairs must be submitted prior to authorizing repairs of damaged items. 

If a police report was filed, please provide the case number so a report can be obtained.  If a police report was not filed, please provide a detailed statement as to what happened.  Include any witness statements.  If possible, please take photographs of damaged items and submit with your claim information.

The department must provide the following:

Items under $1,000

  • Type of goods or equipment damaged, stolen, etc.
  • Number of each type of item damaged, stolen, etc.
  • Date purchased or approximate age
  • Approximate acquisition cost
  • Cause of damage
  • Location of damage, building and room number
  • Photographs of damage, if available
  • Police report case number, if applicable

Items over $1,000

  • All Items in the list above
  • State property tag number
  • Equipment inventory sheet
  • Model number
  • Serial number

All damaged property must be protected against further damage and must be made available for inspection.  Please do not discard property without contacting Risk Management for authorization.

Settlement is based on repair/replacement cost, less $1,000 deductible and depreciation.

State law requires that the claimant provide documented evidence that the damaged/stolen property has been repaired or replaced. Therefore, the settlement amount will be set aside until proof of repair or replacement is received.  In order to complete the claims process, please submit a copy of the repair invoice, purchase order, etc. with a copy of the cancelled checks showing proof of payment.  Also please submit account number you would like to be credited for this loss.

Loss or Theft of Personal Property

The University assumes no liability for loss or theft of personal property of students, employees and visitors to the campus.