Employee Training:

       Only responsible for Blood Borne Pathogens and Driver's Safety.

Please keep all certificates in the departmental office, unless Student needs to be approved to drive on University business. Please check requirements below.

Blood Borne Pathogens:  Certificate is retained in the supervisor's office--DO NOT send to EHS.

                                   Blood Borne Policy            

                                              High Risk Employees are required to take a face-to-face class.

                                   Blood Borne Pathogen Training (DOA)

               Department will keep all certificates for BBP-DO NOT send them to EHS.


 Defensive Driver Training: 

    ONLY NEEDED if driving is required in the course and scope of their student employment.

      REQUIRED ANNUALLY:  Each student must complete a new form and new drving course annually.  

                    It would be better if this was done in the first week of the semester each fall.

                    If first employment is in the Spring, and student employee MUST take prior to driving.

     Driver Authorization Form & Defensive Driving Certificate are REQUIRED to be sent to the EHS Office. 

               Please forward the paperwork as listed below: 

                  Send at the same time, stapled together, as indicated below.

                      1. DA-2054-Driver Authorization Form

                      2. Certificate for Training Course

                      3.  If out of state license--official driving record from state that issued license.

       Student employees must be on an Authorized Driver list before you are allowed to drive in the course and scope of your NSU Student Employment.

          Driver Safety Policy

          Driver Authorization Form, DA-2054

          Defensive Driver Training                               Website for Training

          Out of State Driver's License Requirements      

          Am I authorized to Drive?


The following topics will be covered in Quarterly Safety Meetings:

    Employee Safety Rules                Employee Responsibilities

     Drug Free Workplace    

     First Aid Policy

     Hazard Communication Policy

     Lock-Out/Tag-Out for Affected Employees

     Work Order Procedures

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